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Office of Residence Life

Oven Cleaning: Shared Room Apartments

Some tips for cleaning:

  • • Be careful to not pull the heat element out.
  • • If you need instruction contact the Office of Residence Life.
  • • Please do not clean the oven racks on the concrete outside of your apartment unless you use plastic trash bags to protect the concrete and building from the cleaning chemicals.
  • • If you use oven cleaner, avoid getting it on the enamel surfaces because it will stain.
  • • Follow directions on the oven cleaner. Make sure the room is ventilated and avoid breathing fumes.

A good commercial cleaner such as Easy-Off will make this job less difficult. Be cautious to not let oven cleaner drip on the outside of the range, as it will damage the finish, flooring, counter tops or other surfaces.

Cleaning the Oven Hood:

The hood over your stove filters cooking smoke and steam from the air and needs periodic cleaning to remain effective. To clean:

  1. Remove wing nuts from the front plate.
  2. Gently pull plate from hood vent.
  3. Clean the hood. If you're using a degreasing spray, don't spray directly on the hood - spray on your cloth.
  4. Replace all parts.

Cleaning the Stove Top:

The stove top needs regular cleaning. Drip pans under the burners should be cleaned at least monthly. By covering them with aluminum foil, you'll save hours of cleaning. To clean drip pans:

  1. Turn off power at circuit breaker.
  2. Lift the burner up carefully. Don't force it.
  3. Remove the drip pans and soak in strong detergent; use a stiff brush for particles.
    If you use spray oven cleaner, do this outdoors.
  4. Dry the clean pans, replace them, lower the burner, and reset the circuit breaker.

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