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  • Residence Life Leadership Certificate Series


What is the Residence Life Leadership Certificate?

The Residence Life Leadership Certificate Series is a series of sessions designed to help students identify and develop their own leadership skills. Students are encouraged to take one, two, or all the sessions based on their interest. In order to complete the Leadership Certificate Series a student must complete two required and six recommended sessions from a larger selection of sessions offered each year.

The Leadership Certificate Series is the result of Residence Life's on-going effort to provide timely and intentional guidance for students in their leadership development. The Leadership Certificate Series is intended to help students reach a deeper understanding of themselves as leaders. Therefore, the Leadership Certificate Series is set-up to span more than one semester. Although it may be possible for students to complete the necessary session requirements within one semester, they are not encouraged to do so. We believe that the reflection and processing needed to truly grow takes time.

Who Can Participate?

All students are welcome to participate, whether they live on campus or not. All information about the sessions and the participants will be maintained by Residence Life and kept from semester to semester, year to year.

When Can I Join? What If I Decide To Start Later On?

Start right now! Or join us later on! You can start your leadership journey with the Leadership Certificate Series at any point. Some sessions may be repeated through the year, so you can catch them the next time they come around. Remember, you will need two required and six different recommended sessions to complete the Leadership Certificate Series.

What Is The Cost?

There is no cost to attend individual sessions or complete the program.

What Do I Have To Do To Participate?

To sign up, just register. Registration is not required, but strongly suggested. Some sessions may have a capacity limit. Students are asked to register prior to the session, so proper accommodation and refreshments can be made, if needed. Students are welcome if they did not register, if room remains. Without registering, there is no guarantee that a student will be able to attend the session.

Active student participation is expected of those attending these programs. Students must attend each session from the beginning through the end, and sign the registration sheet, to get credit for that session.

To cancel your registration, please send an email to

Who Keeps Track Of Which Sessions I Have Attended?

Residence Life will maintain a detailed database with all the sessions and the attendance of those who completed each session. Participants may request a list of the sessions completed at any time by contacting A list of the semester's sessions will be distributed and posted on the Residence Life Website each semester.

Year End Celebration!

Students completing the entire Leadership Certificate Series will be honored at a year-end celebration and/or will receive a complimentary certificate and transcript of their participation. Students not completing the Leadership Certificate Series within the academic year may continue accruing sessions towards completion of the Leadership Certificate Series the next academic year.

Other Details

All sessions, including detailed objectives, activities and group processing, will be approved by the Residence Life Community Development staff prior to the beginning of each semester.

All sessions will be evaluated centrally. A standard, online evaluation will be emailed to each participant that completes the session. Results will be accessed and kept by Residence Life for referral for future sessions. Presenters will receive a copy within two weeks of the completion of the survey.

Some additional collaborative programs, not originated or presented by Residence Life, may be incorporated into the optional sessions each year. Presenters wanting to have their programs supported by the Leadership Certificate program will need to complete a proposal form prior to the start of that semester. All program proposals will need approval from the Residence Life Community Development staff before it will count towards the certificate.

Questions? Email us at or call 920-465-2040.

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