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Office of Residence Life


Students residing on campus are welcome to host visitors in their living unit provided they follow University policies and regulations. The visitor policy allows for overnight guests of the opposite or same gender, providing all roommates consent to overnight guests in their roommate agreements. The conduct of guests is the hosts' responsibility. Nonresidents may be in on-campus residences only if they are visitors or guests of a resident. If requested by University personnel, guests and hosts must present proper identification. Failure to do so may result in referral to the Judicial Affairs office.

Overnight guests are permitted for up to three days* (any days of the week), providing all roommates agree as stated in their roommate agreement and the following procedures are followed (including guest registration):

The Roommate Agreement Form (PDF) must be completed by all roommates and submitted to the Resident Assistant. The agreement form will distinguish between approval of overnight guests of the same gender and opposite gender. A student has the right to change their roommate agreement at any time, suspending their agreement to allow overnight guests or otherwise. A student who would like to change their agreement must complete a new agreement form and submit it to the Resident Assistant.

Host Responsibilities: Hosts must register their guests with the Office of Residence Life online. Hosts must be in the company of the guest or visitor in all public areas of the building. In addition to the above, the host must obtain the approval of the regularly assigned occupant if a guest is to use another roommate's room.

Download the Guest Registration Instructions for Housing Residents document for step-by-step instructions.

*Extended stays (beyond three days) may be approved by the Office of Residence Life by making an appointment with the Area Coordinator...

Effective Friday, October 21, 2016:

All overnight visitors to Residence Life must park in the Studio Arts Parking lot.  Please relay this information to your visitors.  Violators will receive a parking citation.

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