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Housing and Residence Life

Rates & Billing

Our rates are designed to be affordable, while providing the highest level of faciliies and services to students.

All housing rates include:

  • All Utilities
  • HD Cable Television Service
  • Wireless Internet Service
  • All furnishings

Academic Year Contract

Academic year housing contracts are for the entire academic year (including winter break). Academic year rates apply. While this is a continuous stay, the rate is paid in two payments (due at the beginning of fall and spring terms).

Year-Round (Summer & Academic Year) Contract

Year-round housing contracts are for a continuous stay in one accommodation for the entire summer through the entire academic year (including winter break). Year-round rates apply. While this is a continuous stay, the rate is paid in three payments (due at the beginning of summer, fall, and spring terms). Review the year-round FAQs for more details.

Fall Only (graduating in December)

A student graduating at the end of the fall academic term can contract for the academic year and depart at the end of the fall academic term. Special fall term dates and rates apply.

Spring Only (moving on campus in January) Contract

Spring only housing contracts are available for the spring academic term. Special spring term dates and rates apply.

Summer Only (without Academic Year) Contract

Summer only housing contracts are either for the entire summer term (not continuing into the academic year) or for specific summer academic terms. Summer term rates apply (interim periods may be available at an extra charge). Enrollment in summer courses is not required to stay in housing for the entire summer term but is required if contracting for specific summer academic term dates. Contact the Office of Housing & Residence Life with questions.

Payment Plans

Rate amounts are charged to student's SIS accounts as payments due at the beginning of each term (depending upon contract term - see above). For information about additional payment plan options, contact Student Billing.

Advance Deposit

A $225 advance payment deposit is required at the time the Residence Life contract is submitted. Students who have already paid a deposit may roll this deposit over into future years or terms.

2014-2015 Rates Overview (same rates as last year)*

Note: the "Academic Year" and "Year-Round" rates below are total rates (will be split into semester payments). 
Rates include break periods and charges accrue nightly prior to or after the contract period.

Accommodation Type Academic Year
(fall & spring)
Year-Round (summer, fall, & spring) Fall or Spring Only Summer Only Advance Deposit Minimum Dining Plan
(per semester)
Residence Halls 2 Student
1 Room
$3800 - $1900 - $225 $1100
Hall Single
1 Student
1 Room
$5065   $2533   $225 $1100
Apartments with
Shared Bedrooms
4 Student
2 Bedroom
$4000 - $2000 - $225 -
2 Student
1 Bedroom
$4100 - $2050 - $225 -
Apartments with
Private Bedrooms
1 Student Efficiency $4100 - $2050 - $225 -
2 Student
2 Bedroom
$4700 $6025 $2350 $1325 $225 -
2 Student
2 Bedroom
(in Apt 3312)
- - - $1325 $225 -
3 Student
3 Bedroom
$4600 $5925 $2300 $1325 $225 -
4 Student
4 Bedroom
$4600 $5925 $2300 $1325 $225 -
5 Student
5 Bedroom
$4600 $5925 $2300 $1325 $225 -
House with Shared Bedrooms 9 Student
5 Bedroom
$4000 - $2000 - $225 -

*Rates are pending approval and are subject to change. 

Cleaning, Damage, and Replacement Charges

Review the various damage charges you may encounter when moving out.

You may submit an appeal for charges you feel are inappropriate by using the online Damage Appeal Form.

Refund Policy

Your housing contract is a legally binding lease. All terms and conditions, including those pertaining to billing and refunds, are viewable here.

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