Frequent Asked Questions

FAQs: General

Please note that human resource policies are subject to change, so contact the Human Resources office at (920) 465-2390 to confirm that there are no changes pending on a specific policy. This information is not meant to be a replacement for the state statutes, administrative codes, or contracts.

How do I get access to my personnel file?

Classified staff should contact the Office of Human Resources at (920) 465-2390.

Unclassified Staff should contact the Faculty and Academic Staff Office at (920) 465-2211 to arrange a time for review of your records.


Is there someone I can go to other than my supervisor with questions?

You will be assigned a mentor or campus resource person within your first week on campus that will be available to answer questions and help you with your transition.


What is the Winter Storm Policy?

The University rarely closes for winter storms. If classes are cancelled, or the university is closed, an announcement will appear on local radio and television stations with the school closings.

Consult the Winter Storm Policy statement on the Provost’s Office web site for further information.


What is the Smoking Policy on campus?

As of January 1, 1993, UW-Green Bay is a smoke-free campus.

This policy applies to all indoor areas with the exception of several smoking-permitted units within the Residence Life complex. Smoking is permitted outdoors, but not in entry areas (those areas between the double doors at outside entrances).


What should I do in an emergency?

For any emergencies in the classroom or on campus, contact the Public Safety Office at (920) 465-2300.


What should I do if I am injured on the job?

If you are injured you should contact your supervisor and immediately go to the nearest medical facility. Provide all doctors’ statements to your supervisor concerning your return to work status. Provide medical bills and all other medical reports to the Public Safety Office.

As soon as possible, you must complete an Employee Work Injury and Illness Report and forward it through your supervisor to the Public Safety Office.


Are there advancement opportunities available?

The University has a long-standing commitment to develop its employees personally and professionally.

In this regard, employees are encouraged to seek information on career advancement and to be aware of positions announced on the bulletin boards or on the HR Jobs website for vacancy announcements.


How do I find out about events on campus?

The Fourth Estate is the campus newspaper published by UWGB students and it can be picked up in many buildings on campus. In addition, Marketing and University Communications publishes the LOG Online e-mail news digest. This document is distributed each week to faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Links are included to more detailed stories at the Marketing and University Communication Web site and to an archive of past issues.