Frequent Asked Questions

FAQs: New Faculty and Staff

Please note that human resource policies are subject to change, so contact the Human Resources office at (920) 465-2390 to confirm that there are no changes pending on a specific policy. This information is not meant to be a replacement for the state statutes, administrative codes, or contracts.

What do I need to do to access University services?

All University employees should obtain a UW-Green Bay University ID (University Photo Identification Card) from the University Union.

It is not only the official University ID card, but it can also be used for a variety of services offered on campus such as purchases for dining, Phoenix Bookstore, Corner Store, Kress Events Center, and Library services. Points for your card can be purchased through Union Financial Services (University Union, Room 306), on-line at the Union website, or the Garden Café in the lower level of the Library.

Your supervisor will help you obtain a University ID.


Do I need a permit to park on campus?
Where do I park on campus?

All faculty, staff and students are required to purchase a virtual parking permit if they will be utilizing campus parking. Parking rates can be found on the Office of Public Safety website. Rates are pro-rated depending on your start date. By State of Wisconsin Statute, University funds may not be used to pay for your parking permit.  However, if elected during the annual parking permit purchase, the fee for parking is a tax-deferred expense through payroll deduction.

Virtual parking permits are registered by your vehicle license plate numbers which will be needed in order to purchase your permit.


What is the best way to familiarize myself with the campus buildings and offices?

The Admissions Office offers a Virtual Tour of the campus on their web site. Once there, you will also find maps to guide you whether driving, walking outside, or walking through the underground-connected buildings.


What are University Buildings hours?

The doors to the University buildings normally are open from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 6:30 a.m. to midnight on Saturday and Sunday. Administrative offices are normally staffed from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Where do I obtain keys?

The Public Safety Office is responsible for administering the campus key program. Your keys will be requested by your supervisor prior to your first day of work. You will need to pick up your keys at the Public Safety Office, located in Instructional Services 1024. Please be ready to show your driver’s license or photo ID.

Questions regarding key requests, transfers, and internal security should be directed to the Public Safety Office, (920) 465-2300.


How is mail sent and received on campus?

The Mail Center handles intra campus mail, U.S. mail, and bulk mailings. For the most efficient service on intra campus mail, use only intra campus envelopes with addresses as shown in the campus directory. Window service for personal mailing is available during weekdays.

Your office will receive mail and have out-going mail picked up daily. Mail that needs to be sent after pick up must be taken to the mail room, Laboratory Sciences 110, by 3:00 p.m.

For special pickup or express mail service, contact the Mail Center at (920) 465-2215. Employees must purchase postage stamps at the Union Information Center for all personal mail.


Will I have e-mail and network access?

Most faculty and staff will receive computer access privileges shortly after you receive your appointment letter. Your computer account provides you with an e-mail address and access to all of the University’s networked computer applications, including the library catalog, databases, and the Internet. Your user name (the first 7 letters of your last name plus the first letter of your first name) and password will allow you to access your e-mail account or other networked services from the computer in your office, budgetary unit office, any of the computers in the general access Computer Lab (IS 1120), or from a home computer with an internet connection.

UW-Green Bay supports both Windows and Macintosh computers in a Windows networking environment. Core software applications include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Expression Web), Microsoft Outlook for email, Internet Explorer (Safari and Firefox on the Mac) Web browsers, statistical software (SPSS and SAS), virus protection software, and various utilities. For assistance with any computer related questions, contact the Help Desk between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at (920) 465-2309 or email at


How is my job classified?

We are part of the Wisconsin State classification system. When positions are classified, they are assigned at a pay band that determines the salary range. Positions are classified according to the duties performed and the qualifications required of the position.


Will I be paid when I am sick?

As a permanent University employee you will accrue sick leave while you are in pay status. You may use sick leave for qualified reasons as soon as it has been accrued. Sick leave may be used for your illness, medical appointments, and for the illness of an immediate family member. For questions related to your sick leave benefits, please contact the payroll and benefits office at


Will I lose my sick leave if I don't use it?

No, sick leave is accrued and carried over from year to year. Remaining sick leave at retirement will be converted to a dollar amount and can be used to purchase medical insurance upon retirement.  For questions related to your sick leave benefits, please contact the payroll and benefits office at


Will I be paid for holidays?

Permanent and project employees (including probationary employees) are eligible for holiday pay, independent of your probationary status. Currently, the University offers 9 paid holidays each year. For questions related to your holiday leave benefits, please contact the payroll and benefits office at


What is my Person or Employee ID number?

In order to minimize the use of social security numbers on deduction forms, human resource, payroll and benefit related forms, the Human Resources Office has made changes to numerous forms on the HR website to reflect the use of a "Person ID" or "Employee ID" instead of social security numbers.

Your Person/Employee ID number is listed on your earnings statement and your University ID card.  This is a number unique to every employee in the UW-System that is generated from and utilized in the human resource, payroll and benefits computer system.  Please make note of this number and begin utilizing it on future forms that you complete where you are asked to indicate your Person or Employee ID number.

Where possible, all forms such as parking deductions, athletic membership deductions, Employee Drive deductions, and several HR related forms have been changed.  Because many of our benefits are administered by companies outside of the UW-System, most benefit forms will still require the use of your social security number.

Please contact the Human Resources Office if you have any questions regarding your Person or Employee ID or the specific use of this number that is located on your earnings statement.