HRS Project

Important Information:

Coming in 2011, HRS will revolutionize the way the University of Wisconsin handles employee services by streamlining human resources, payroll, benefits, absence management, and time and labor into one system. Employee self service will enhance the way you manage your employee information. You will be able to access your payroll information, enroll in benefits, enter absence information, update contact and employee information, and record time online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the HRS project and how will it affect me?

The University of Wisconsin System's Human Resource System (HRS) is a new integrated system for all human resources, benefits and payroll operations across all University of Wisconsin campuses. HRS will streamline employee hiring and payroll processes integrating them into one system by transforming manual, paper-based processes into automated and online functions. Faculty, staff and student employees will be able to use "Self-service" for various functions.

2. What is Self-service?

Self-service will allow employees to own and manage their paycheck and benefits information by performing activities online including:

  • View paycheck, vacation balances and direct deposit information
    - View and print copies of paycheck and vacation balance information online

  • Edit and update employee information online
    - Edit/update information including home/mailing address(es), phone number, alternate e-mail addresses (business e-mail is view only), marital status, emergency contacts, and ethnicity

  • View and enroll in company benefit plans
    - View current benefit selections, including dependent and plan information (e.g., medical, dental and/or vision benefits coverage). UW employees can complete their benefits elections online using Self-service.

  • Report time and absences
    - Own and manage their time and absence information by submitting their timesheets and absences online. Approving managers will be able to review and approve their direct reports timesheets and absences.

3. When will HRS be deployed at UW-Green Bay?

HRS is scheduled to be deployed in phases, with the first phase being implemented in Spring 2011.

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