Guidelines to Hire Employees Under Age 18

Wisconsin Statutes require employers to obtain work permits from employees under the age of 18. Work permits must be submitted to the Human Resources Office before the minor begins working.

Work permits are issued at the following locations:

Brown County Commission on Aging, 300 S. Adams St., Green Bay, WI
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am-12pm, 1pm-3:45pm

Brown County Clerk's Office, 305 E. Walnut St., Green Bay, WI
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am - 4pm

In many communities work permits may also be obtained at the local high school.

To obtain a work permit, the minor or parent must visit the permit officer, taking with him/her the minor's birth certificate or other proof of age, social security card, Work Permit Hiring Statement from the employer, which includes an explanation of job duties, hours of work, and parent's consent, and a $10 permit fee (subject to change). Statutes also require the employer to pay the permit fee, if reimbursed, it must be done no later than the employee's first paycheck.


  1. Supervisor will complete and sign the Work Permit Hiring Statement and give it to the minor to bring to the permit officer.

  2. Minor will give the employer's copy of the Work Permit to their supervisor along with the fee receipt. Supervisor will forward Work Permit along with the other student forms to payroll.

  3. Supervisor will assist the minor in completing the Petty Cash Reimbursement form and mail, along with the fee receipt, to the Travel Coordinator, Controller's Office, for reimbursement.

  4. The fee will be charged to the hiring department. The Work Permit will be filed and retained by the Human Resources Office until the minor reaches age 18.

    A new work permit must be obtained if the employee will be performing substantially different job duties than his/her previous assignment.

  5. The supervisor will ensure that the proper hiring procedures have been followed.

More information to share with minors