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January 26, 2012


The purpose of the University Personnel Systems (UPS) Communication Plan is to outline an overall communication framework for the University of Wisconsin System’s UPS Project. This plan’s objective is to ensure all people affected by recommendations are adequately informed so they understand the scope, progress, obstacles, effects, and implementation.  This plan addresses the goals, audiences, and possible strategies to use in a communication plan.

The new University Personnel Systems are the University of Wisconsin System’s effort to comply with Wisconsin Statute 36.115, which authorizes and directs the University of Wisconsin System to create two new UPS by July 1, 2013. The UPS are the activities and methods of doing things that enable the attraction, development, and retention of talent focused on the mission of the University. Included in the structure are human resource strategy and planning for staffing, compensation, training, performance management, diversity and legal compliance. The two new personnel systems, one for UW-Madison and one for the balance of the UW System are each efforts to create thoughtful, efficient, and effective personnel structures that best meet the needs of all UW employees, the UW System, and the residents of Wisconsin. 

The purpose of the communication plan is to outline the procedures on how to consistently and effectively address information sharing, update all audiences, and solve problems related to communication. 

For more information please visit the UW System's webpage on the topic of the University Personnel System. This webpage includes a wealth of information, including the goals of the new systems, the members of the committees and work groups, an FAQ, a timeline, and more.

UW-Green Bay's representation on UPS Task Force & Work Groups

  • Cliff Abbott, Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff and Professor in Computing Science
    • Benefits
  • Sheryl Van Gruensven, Director of Human Resources
    • Compensation
  • Eileen Kolb, Advisor, Registrar Office
    • Employee Movement
  • Joe Schoenebeck, Laboratory Preparation Technician, NAS
    • Employment Categories

UW-Green Bay's Communication Plan

Communication Goals

Managing the implementation of the UPS for the UW System presents complex and multi-dimensional challenges with communication.  This plan proposes a systematic, well-planned series of actions, methods, and techniques and tools for each institution to use to achieve the following communication goals within a specific time frame while avoiding risks and minimizing problems.

  • Set expectations for open communication and define effective communications methods.
  • Defines the scope of the project, and accurately reflects the intent of the new personnel system.
  • Provide quality information on the progress of the UPS to all interested and affected people.
  • Inform and update UPS Committees, stakeholders, and external groups regularly.
  • Maintain a consistent message across the UW System with all UPS Committees, stakeholders, and external groups in order to avoid inconsistent message and misinformation.
  • Construct messages that accurately and appropriately explain important updates with the UPS.  This includes sorting through all details to create a message that is easy to understand by all audiences, making sure people understand the scope of the project and the timeline.
  • Create a free-flow of information between the UPS Committees, stakeholders, and external parties. 
  • Focus on content development, making sure it is consistent, current, informational, relevant, open, and available.  Communication should add value, be successfully executed in a timely manner, and engage all audiences so as to enhance the development of the UPS recommendations.
  • Evaluate communication efforts and adjust strategies when necessary.

This section identifies the audience that is addressed and covered in the UPS Communication Plan.  UW-Green Bay has identified its key stakeholders to be our UW-Employees. This communication plan is being developed to provide regular communication with these stakeholders on the status of the UPS project and progress updates on all recommendations and changes.

Communication Tools and Strategies

The following list outlines the possible resources and tools for targeting audience regarding UPS project information.

  • Link to the UPS website from the UWGB HR Homepage.  The website is an important resource in reaching all facets of the target audience, especially stakeholders, UW employees, and external groups who might not have direct regular communication with the UPS Committees.   Anyone reading the site will be able to ask a question via an e-mail address.  It will generate interest and provide information regarding the new personnel systems. Creativity in form and content are important factors to making the website attractive, relevant, informative, and user-friendly. The website can be found at
  • LOG Updates.  Regularly scheduled information is important for updating all interested audiences.  These written updates will be provided to Chris Sampson, University Communications, for updates to all UW-Employees.
  • UW Portal.  A link to the UPS website to be place on each institution’s portal page.
  • Update Communication Plan whenever necessary. 
  • Campus Presentations as UPS is developed. As the UPS system develops and begins to take form, various campus presentations will be held to inform all stakeholders of upcoming changes in the areas of benefits, compensation, employee environment, movement, employment categories and recruitment and assessment.
  • Feedback and information sharing through governance groups. Faculty, Academic Staff Governance, Academic Staff Assembly, Classified Staff Advisory Council, Provosts ADA’s, Chancellor’s Leadership Team.
  • Create/modify project templates. Templates will be created to brand the personnel system logo and tag line to create a recognizable identity.
Communication Timeline

Communication will be in line with the project timeline and phases. As project milestones and events occur, communication tools will be used to convey information to stakeholders.


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Work Group Summaries

UPS Workgroup Recommendations

Summary of Workgroup Recommendations


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