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Human Biology

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Contact Information

Laura Rowell, MBA, RD, CHC
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Internship Director
2420 Nicolet Drive, LS 455
Green Bay, WI 54311-7001
Phone: (920) 465-2269
Fax: (920) 465-2769
Office: LS 457


We recently sent out a survey to all of our former interns and here are their responses:

Did your internship prepare you for your first and subsequent positions?

  • I believe that the internship prepared me very well to become an entry-level dietitian. I feel confident in my dietetic abilities (2012-2013)
  • I am very happy with my overall internship experience. I have learned so much and I am much more confident in my abilities in all areas of dietetics than I was at the beginning of this internship. I am confident in myself and ready to begin my career as a dietitian in a long-term care facility. THANK YOU for a great experience! (2011-12)
  • This internship was a lot of work. But it was all worth it, as I feel ready to start working as an RD.(2011-12)
  • The internship has exceeded my expectations. I am very thankful for this opportunity and all of the experiences that I have had throughout the year. I have grown so much as a person and feel more like a professional now.(2011-12)
  • Provided basic knowledge and tools to perform as a clinical RD.
  • I feel the UWGB internship best prepared me for my first position through the leadership emphasis.  It provided me with the necessary leadership and management skills and although I didn't realize it I was gaining these skills along the way. (2013-14)
  • I feel that the variety of rotations made me more prepared for employment than any other programs. (2013-14)
  • The internship at UWGB gave me a great foundation of all areas of nutrition, community, clinical and food service. The skills that I gained during the internship have given me the confidence and competency to succeed in my career.
  • I haven't secured a dietitian job yet, but I feel that I am prepared to enter this field. I'm looking forward to finding a job where I can use the skills and knowledge I gained during my internship.

What aspects of your UW-Green Bay internship do you find especially valuable in your career?

  • Leadership, it really pushed me to achieve things I didn't think I could. It has a very personable and caring aspect to it. I felt like I was always a part of a "family" and supported by interns and the director. Variety; there are so many different rotations, which is really nice to mix things up and not get boring. Challenging. FUN! (2011-12)
  • Coming into this internship, I felt okay about public speaking. The public speaking opportunities during this internship really helped me grow (2012-2013).
  • Shelly did a wonderful job at being a mentor to me. She was always there o help facilitate my learning and encouraged me to grow as a professional. Shelly always answered my questions in a timely manner and guided me in future career paths. (2012-2013).
  • The leadership emphasis at UWGB helped me become a manager of my nutrition department within the super market. (2013-14)
  • Meeting other professional RD's and developing a network of relationships to keep up-to-date on things.
  • I believe the one-on-one shadowing of the various dietitians was the most valuable. This experience made me aware of the different job responsibilities of each.
  • Being able to see so many situations and interacting with many different professionals helped me learn to quickly build rapport.
  • Well rounded. Worked and met a lot of good contact RD's (and other professionals).
  • The internship gave me a little experience in many different areas of dietetics. It helped show all the areas you can specialize in.
  • The opportunity to work in hospitals from community (small) to trauma.
  • Clinical/Hospital. Other interns had clinical experiences in their 4-year programs in my class, but I hadn't, so this was the first exposure I had to charting and the compilation of all disciplines for individual patients.
  • The designing and implementing of the nutrition care plan - these were very valuable in understanding what was happening with the patient and meeting their nutrition needs.
  • The community portion was very helpful in getting me familiar with the resources and services many of my client families (low income, at risk populations) utilize or are eligible to utilize within our community.
  • The variety of rotations allowed me to explore and learn from a variety of dietitians.
  • The extra assignments (observing a heart surgery, bariatric class, colonoscopy, etc.) - nice to know about things that patients go through.
  • Multiple and varied experiences (internship is not geared to a specific task); research and presentation to community groups, peers, professionals; food service and school food service rotations; emphasis on continued development and lifelong learning.
  • The internship really helped me decide which areas of dietetics I wanted to work in. The WIC rotation prepared me for my current job.
  • Familiarity with TPN/TF in variety of settings; community nutrition education related to UW-Extension and Head-Start.
  • It was valuable to observe and participate in assessments and patient education.
  • The exposure to the medical community, medical terminology and management principles were extremely helpful in my career.
  • I thought most experiences contributed well to my knowledge.
  • I also found the Journal Clubs and practice interviews to be very useful. (2013-14)
  • The connections/resources obtained thru the internship.
  • I enjoyed the community rotation and projects that we did. I hope to get a job in community nutrition, and our internship provided a good range of experiences in this area.
  • This internship is amazing becasue of the wide variety and vast experiences that are offered. 10 different locations to learn, grow and be mentored. what an amazing experience. This internship is led by qualified, caring individuals who really want the interns to be successful. (2013-14)