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Human Biology

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Contact Information

Laura Rowell, MBA, RD, CHC
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Internship Director
2420 Nicolet Drive, LS 455
Green Bay, WI 54311-7001
Phone: (920) 465-2269
Fax: (920) 465-2769
Office: LS 457

Rotations of UWGB's Dietetic Internship

See also the current Rotation Key and Schedule

Note: Each site is coded as a medical nutrition therapy [MNT], food service [FDS], or community nutrition/nutrition education [COMM] site. Each facility used for a Dietetic Internship rotation is listed with the town in which the facility is located. An intern's placement is generally in one or the other region Green Bay, Fox Valley, or Fond du Lac. Some may require travel outside these areas.

RD at St. Vincent's

Medical Nutrition Therapy Rotation [MNT] located throughout Green Bay, Central and parts of southern Wisconsin: (Approximately 11 weeks) The primary purpose of a medicine/surgery/cardiac rotation is to provide the intern with the knowledge and skills needed to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy (nutrition care and education) to patients in surgery and cardiac services while working directly with a clinical dietitian in a general medicine and surgery unit.

Interns at Door Co. Memorial

The intern is introduced to a variety of specialty clinical nutrition practice areas. While in this rotation the intern will shadow the clinical RD in several practice areas, study the effect of complex medical conditions on nutrition status and become familiar with the variety of resources and materials needed to practice within a nutrition specialty.

Community/Hospital Rotation [MNT] located throughout Green Bay, Central and parts of southern Wisconsin: (2 weeks) the primary purpose of this rotation is to provide the intern the opportunity to work directly with dietitians in a small community hospital. The intern will perform the screening, assessment, monitoring and education of hospitalized patients as well as assist with community based nutrition education programs.

Interns at NNM

Longterm Care [MNT] in Green Bay, Appleton and Central Wisconsin: (3 weeks) This three week rotation in nursing homes to provide the intern with the opportunity to learn the importance of: 1) the provision of quality food service and nutrition care in long-term health care facilities; 2) the multi-disciplinary team in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of resident nutrition care; and 3) the management functions and responsibilities of the RD in a long term health care facility.

WIC Rotation [COMM] located throughout the northeastern and central counties: (2-3 weeks) During this rotation, the intern will assist the RD and nutrition educators in providing services and education to women, infant and children (WIC). The intern also will be able to gain an understanding of the management responsibilities of the RD.

Interns at St. Norbert College

Public Health [COMM]: Public Helath Departments, Department of Aging and Disability, Area Schools, University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension and Menomonee Tribal Clinic: (6-7 weeks) The Community Nutrition rotation is responsible for the implementation of the group nutrition as well as community based nutrition programs.

Wellness Rotation [COMM] at local fitness and health facilities, and grocery stores: The purpose of this rotation is to introduce the role of the intern in the wellness setting. The intern will observe and participate in teaching of classes, community outreach projects and counseling.

Interns at WDA meeting

School Food Service Rotation [FS] located at local K-12 and college food service departments: (4 weeks) the purpose of this rotation is to introduce the intern to the role of the RD in school food service. The intern will observe school programs at elementary, middle, high school and/or college, noting similarities and differences in food acceptance, menus and eating behaviors among the age groups and schools. They will conduct a food waste study, review current nutrition guidelines for schools and assist with the planning of nutrition education in-services for teachers/staff.

Hospital Food Service Rotation [FS] located at Green Bay, Appleton area, central, and southern locations of Wisconsin: (4 weeks) this rotation will provide the intern with experiences in the operation and management of the food service subsystems of procurement, production, delivery and service. Activities related to quality improvement and system analysis are important parts of this rotation.

Interns at cooking demo

Project management and ongoing projects: The interns will work individually and in groups to complete community and/or MNT projects. Each will function as project manager during one project which will include planning and implementation. Examples of these projects may include: presenting community cooking classes, preceptor training, MNT case study presentations, Open House, spring conference, graduation, Grocery Store Tours and manager of the month. Supervised practice hours are granted for these projects.