2017-18 ISPP Program costs

  • $40 First Application submitted to DICAS, $20 each additional internship application.
  • $8,663 - (2017-18) Program fee; includes  RD Prep material through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance, with the balance ($7,663) due approximately two weeks prior to start of internship.

Financial Aid

  • At this time, interns do not qualify for financial aid through the University. Interns may qualify for deferment of financial aid payments encountered throughout their college education. See your loan officer for details. Loans through private institutions and scholarships may be available based on intern's eligibility.

Additional estimated student expenses (amounts may vary)

  • Students will be responsible for their own health, personal automobile and professional liability insurance, housing, food, transportation and lab coats/appropriate attire.
  • Housing (approximately $450-$650/month).
  • Lab coats, appropriate attire ($50 minimum).
  • Food (may be purchased in facility cafeterias or student can bring own).
  • Books and supplies (depending on student's resources and individual needs - estimate $75-$220).
  • There will also be some additional costs for parking at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  See the parking policy.  Please read the policy in full.
  • Transportation (student will need a private vehicle, as sites are from 5 - 200 miles from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus and public transportation is not feasible).
  • Student membership ($50) in Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics available at
  • Laptop computers are required. (amount to vary).
  • Caregiver background checks ($25).
  • CPR Certification (amount varies).
  • Physical examination by Physician (amounts to vary).
  • Vaccinations and titers as required (amounts to vary).including upload fee of $45 to
  • Liability Insurance (approximately $25).
  • Health Insurance (amounts to vary).
  • Wisconsin Dietetic Association meeting - registration, lodging and food ($400).
  • Drug Test – 10 panel (approximately $50-$75) through
  • Note: Additional costs may occur depending on individual sites.

Health Requirements upon Acceptance

Students must submit the following health records and information:

  1. A physician signed health/physical examination within six months prior to start of internship
  2. Official records and dates of all vaccinations and immunizations, including
    • two doses of the MMR vaccine to prove immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella
    • proof of immunity to chicken pox (a titer is required if you have had chicken pox) fi vaccinated, 2 vaccines required
    • TB skin test (step 1 & 2) which will be valid through the completion of the program (some rotations require additional)
    • Tetanus immunization within the past 10 years.
    • Flu shot for current flu season
    • Hep B - 3 series vaccination strongly encouraged plus titer to show immunity.


Current valid American Heart Association Healthcare Provider (BLS) documentation required that is valid throughout internship year is required

Criminal Background Checks for Interns

The state of Wisconsin has a law requiring a stringent check of the backgrounds of persons who provide care for others. The background check is mandatory for all persons who are employed in the care-giving business and also applies to students, including dietetic interns, who are assigned to healthcare facilities for supervised practice. The required background check includes a criminal records check and could exclude someone from working in facilities where direct patient/client contact and care is provided if a history of any of crimes or charges for homicides, sexual assault, abuse or arson is found.

Therefore, it is necessary to complete a detailed disclosure form and pay the processing fee of $25.00, if accepted to the Dietetic Internship. You should also be aware that if the results of the background check reveal any of the offenses noted above, you would not be able to participate in the Internship, except through an appeals process.

If you have any further questions about this requirement, you may contact our office. You may also obtain additional information from the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services at
Some locations do require an additional background check. If this is the case for your rotation, you will be informed. The facility normally picks up the cost.