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Human Development

Alumni Career Profiles

Welcome to our alumni career profiles page! Some of our UW-Green Bay graduates who majored or double-majored in Human Development volunteered to share their career journeys with you. You can connect to their written interview responses below. Keep in mind that these are just a few examples and do not represent the full range of job options with the major – that is one of the truly exciting elements of a liberal arts, interdisciplinary education.

The featured alums include recent graduates in their first jobs, as well as people who have been in the workplace for years accumulating skills and experience. You can view examples of many more graduates’ first job titles by reviewing the Career Services' alum survey results. Please remember as you look at different job titles or alumni profiles that it is not simply the degree that qualified the students for the options they pursued. They had also accumulated relevant applied experience (e.g., previous employment, volunteer work) and other qualifications (e.g., specific classes they took, double majors or minors, special skills they developed, co-curricular involvement) that helped them achieve their goals. Those individuals in options requiring graduate degrees also had to be admitted to a relevant graduate school and program, which can be a highly competitive process. You can learn more about the marketability of your degree and about graduate school in other areas of our website.

Some human development graduates are also featured on the Career Services website: