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Humanistic Studies

What's unique about this major at UW-Green Bay

  • VARIETY. A program in Humanistic Studies complements other courses of study. It is a natural accompaniment to majors or minors in history, philosophy, English, French, German or Spanish, as well as to minors in American Indian studies and women's studies. Humanistic Studies also complements such areas of study as business, psychology, sociology, political science, and the natural sciences.
  • APPRECIATION. As a Humanities major (or minor), you will learn to appreciate the greatest works that human beings have produced, and set yourself on a road to a fulfilling and satisfying life.
  • INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE. Humanistic Studies has an internship program that will place you in a good learning situation in a local business or agency. Here, you can build your experiences and your resume, all the while earning course credits.
  • OPPORTUNITY. The Humanities Department sponsors most of UWGB's trips abroad. You can have the exciting opportunity to visit other countries while you earn credits toward your major!
  • CHOICES FOR THE FUTURE. The interdisciplinary aspects of the Humanistic Studies major, gives students a bigger "toolbox" of skills and abilities, leading to greater flexibility in their choices for the future. Unlike majors such as Computer Science, Accounting, etc., students in Humanistic Studies can branch out into many careers.