Frequently Asked Questions


How many credits can I get for an internship? The number of credits you receive is based on the number of hours you work per week. For a 3-credit internship, you will need to work an average of 10 hours per week for the 15 week semester. Accounting students are limited to earning a total of 6 internship credits in their degree program.

I'm currently working for a company. Is it possible to receive internship credits for my current job? In order to receive credit for an internship, new learning must take place. If you are currently working in a job, it is possible to earn internship credits if your job duties will be significantly changed during the semester in which you are registered for internship credits.

I've already completed an internship, is it possible to register for internship credits now? In general, retroactive internship credit is not possible unless a student can provide written documentation of hours worked and specific job responsibilities from his/her supervisor. If you are able to provide this documentation, you will be allowed to receive credits in the semester immediately following your completed internship. See the registration link for more information.

How are Internships Graded? Internships are graded on a Pass/No-Credit basis and count as elective credits only