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Information and Computing Science

Peter Breznay

Peter Breznay
Associate Professor
Computer Science Chair
MAC C329
(920) 465-2170

Peter Breznay started teaching in the fall of 1999 to prepare in becoming the instructor to replace Bruce Mielke when he retired. You'll get to see him a lot in the upper level courses. Currently, he is involved with both C++ courses, Internet Programming, and Data Structures. Since material can be more complex in your junior and senior year, Peter will spend the quality time necessary to help students master and become comfortable with it. Also, he likes to chat and joke around with students which builds stronger relationships. He's a great addition to the Computer Science department.

Education: Ph. D. in Computer Science and Mathematics, August 1999. GPA: 4.0. University of Denver, CO; MS in Mathematics, 1983 ELTE University, Hungary; MA in Latin Language and Literature, 1984 University, Hungary; BS in Computer Science, July 1994. GPA: 4.0. University of Denver, CO


  • COMP SCI 331 Internet Programming
  • COMP SCI 351 Data Structures
  • COMP SCI 371 Object Oriented Programming in C++
  • COMP SCI 372 Software Engineering