Information Disclosure & Environmental Decision Making  
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  • Welcome to the home page for the research project on Information Disclosure and Environmental Decision Making (IDEDM).  The IDEDM work is sponsored jointly by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Washington State University, and it is made possible through a multi-year grant from the National Science Foundation (award No. 0306492).

  •  The project examines how the collection and disclosure of information about toxic chemical releases in the United States affects local communities and businesses.  We are examining actions by businesses, government agencies, and communities all across the United States.

  •  In particular, we are trying to learn how the federal Toxics Release Inventory, which is coordinated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, has affected environmental management practices in U.S. industry.  We also want to know how the information reaches citizens, local and state government officials, and local emergency management committee members, and how they use the information. 

  •  You can learn more about the project goals and the staff through the links above. If you have any comments or questions about the project, we hope that you will contact us.

  • The final project report is the book Coming Clean: Information Disclosure and Environmental Performance (MIT Press, December 2010).

Information Disclosure & Environmental Decision Making
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