The University Mace

The University Mace — a ceremonial staff signifying authority — will be prominent at the investiture of Dr. Thomas K. Harden. The mace will lead the academic procession and be carried to the stage by the University’s most senior faculty member, Prof. Ismail Shariff. During the ceremony, Dr. Harden will signify his commitment to UW-Green Bay’s mission by adding his signature to the parchment proclamation stored inside the mace handle. The University Mace has at its top a phoenix standing upon a representation of an ancient astronomical instrument, in this case bearing images of the Milky Way and the double helix of DNA. The stainless steel piece was designed by acclaimed metals artist Prof. Emeritus David Damkoehler.

Mace Background Video

View the Mace from all sides

View details of the University Mace as it is rotated in the video to the left.

Heard in this video is a portion of UW-Green Bay's Alma Mater, composed by Professor Emeritus Lovell Ives.

Ceremonial Document

During the ceremony, Dr. Thomas K. Harden will signify his commitment to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay by adding his signature to a parchment document. The document, stored as a scroll inside the handle of the University Mace, carries a proclamation in support of UW-Green Bay’s mission.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is dedicated to the idea of an educated person as one who is guided by the love of learning, committed to inquiry, creativity and scholarship through interdisciplinary and disciplinary approaches to defining and solving problems, and who is an active citizen providing service to the community.

— Proclamation accompanying the University Mace

The University’s first three chancellors — Edward Weidner, David Outcalt and Mark Perkins — signed the document when the mace was dedicated at spring commencement in May 2001. Bruce Shepard added his signature during a ceremony within the ceremony at his own inauguration in September 2002. A framed copy of the proclamation is on permanent display, alongside the mace, at the UW-Green Bay Cofrin Library.

October 30, 2009
2 p.m.

Preview: Rhythm Chant Harden

an original composition by Prof. Cheryl Grosso

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