Chancellor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Meeting

Friday, February 6, 2015

1965 Room, University Union

Members Present

Brenda Amenson-Hill (DOS), Forrest Brooks (Outreach and Adult Access), Bryan Carr, (Info. and Computing Science), Michael Casbourne (TRIO), Stacie Christian, chair (Coordinator of Inclusive Excellence and Pride Center), Joanne Dolan (Information Processing Consult), Joanie Dovekas (Res Life), Scott Furlong (Dean, Lib. Arts & Sciences), Jen Lanter (CATL), Minkyu Lee (Art & Design), Justin Mallett (Director of American Intercultural Center), Lynn Niemi (Disability Services), Liz Peterson (Student liaison), Melissa Nash (HR), Kimberley Reilly (Democracy and Justice Studies) Sheryl Van Gruensven (HR), Brian Wardle (Athletics); Subcommittee chairs: Kate Burns, Melissa Nash; Student: Jack Mellberg

Members Absent

Kim Desotell (Phuture Phoenix Director of Dev. Programming), Lorenzo Lones (student liaison), Sue Mattison (Dean, Prof. Studies), Nicole Miller (Human Dev. Academic Dept. Assoc.), Adam Parrillo (Urban & Reg. Studies), Grace Vecchie (Student liaison), Camara Wallace (Student liaison)

Subcommittee reports:
Inclusivity in the Classroom: Kate Burns

  1. Regan provided an overview of the Campus Climate survey administered last year.  The survey found that minority students were not less satisfied with their education at UWGB, but they were more likely to leave UWGB and report a less comfortable classroom climate.  Regan also stated that he had put together a final report last year with action items in his role as chair.
  1. The group mentioned the need for discussion with other campus group about what they were doing related to diversity.  For example, there is an online inclusive excellence self-evaluation instrument that could be adapted to the classroom.  The enrollment working group has been discussing some of these issues in their work on retention.  The Inclusive Excellence website is now up and running and may act as a way to share information.
  1. Upcoming conference opportunities were discussed.  Jen reported that the theme for the 2016 Faculty Development Conference will be Inclusive Excellence.  Stacie reported that the Green Bay school district will be sponsoring a White Privilege Conference in 2017. 
  1. We discussed various initiatives that may be useful (e.g., a system in place to report bias; updating faculty and staff knowledge about diversity; videos of student experiences on the inclusive excellence website), as well as how to increase motivation for faculty and staff to attend presentations.
Inclusive Workplace: Melissa Nash
The bi-annual Social for new employees will be held in August. The committee is working on employee resource groups. The first group that has been created is the Pride group.
They would like to add more information to the HR website for new employees relocating to the area; such as Green Bay Newcomers and community resources.
Student Mentorship: Brenda Amenson-Hill
The committee is working on finding community leaders to mentor students about careers. They are hoping to launch it sometime this spring. The other piece is mentoring for Student to Student, focusing on freshmen and transfer students. Plans are to get this into place for the fall of 2015 semester. Feedback from students is that they would like to also have social mentors and career/major mentors. The committee is contemplating a drop in mentoring program.
Community Relationships: Justin Mallett
The committee is focusing on relationships with community minority groups and creating a list of minority activities and resources in Green Bay. This information will also be posted on the HR website for new minority employees. They are also working on getting 8th -11th graders with community leaders on campus.
Spring 2015 Inclusive Equity Certificate programs: Stacie Christian
The first workshop on Inclusivity and Equity is this afternoon. Stacie would like to have more communication on the series via the log and possibly media at some of the events. Alegra Fowler was interviewed on channel 2 about the food cupboard.
Revision of “Civility and Inclusivity” policy
The name has been changed from “Civility and Tolerance”. Discussions were on whether this policy is for students and staff or should they be separate. Is it our responsibility to inform students and staff? Possibly have the policy covered in the first year seminars. Maybe an overall statement then separate code of conduct for faculty and staff.