Chancellor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Meeting

Friday, October 16, 2015

1965 Room, University Union

Members Present

Brenda Amenson-Hill (DOS), Forrest Brooks (Outreach and Adult Access), Bryan Carr, (Info. and Computing Science), Michael Casbourne (TRIO), Stacie Christian, chair (Coordinator of Inclusive Excellence and Pride Center), Scott Furlong (Dean, Lib. Arts & Sciences), Lorenzo Lones (student liaison), Justin Mallett (Director of American Intercultural Center), Sue Mattison (Dean, Prof. Studies), Lynn Niemi (Disability Services), Kimberley Reilly (Democracy and Justice Studies) Sheryl Van Gruensven (HR), Christian Parker (Student liaison), Asti Martin (Student liaison), Quintenilla Merriweather (Residence Life), Joel Muraco (Psychology), Mary Sue Lavin (Director of Phuture Phoenix), Gregory Davis (Provost), Linc Darner (Head Coach, Basketball, Athletic Department), Deirdre Radosevich (Human Development),Ashley Folcik (Admin. Specialist Professional Studies), Sarah Pratt (Financial Specialist, Computing). Subcommittee chairs: Kate Burns, Melissa Nash

Members Absent

Kimberly Reilly and Lorenzo Lones

Proposed change to Committee designation “Faculty & Staff Governance-Structures and People”
All voted in favor and will now go to the Chancellor for approval.
Chancellor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence subcommittee reports:
Inclusive Workplace: Melissa Nash
The second New Employee social was held at Shorewood this fall, 60 people attended. They are planning to have another social in January 2016. Working on enhancing community involvement for new employees. The Employee Resource Group (ERG) guidelines and format were created and approved by the Chancellor. The registration form to create a new ERG is on the Inclusive Excellence website. Two groups have been formed and there is interest in a Parents group, Inclusive Excellence, Care Giving and International Workers.
Student Mentorship: Brenda Amenson-Hill, Ph. D.
Launched the student to student mentorship program. The student mentors, GURUS, are doing an outstanding job. They are mentoring 35 new students. There will be a monthly social for the students and mentors plus social for the mentors.  Part 2 of this program will be for students and professional mentors which they hope to have up and running later this school year.
The first JumpStart program this fall was a success. This program is for self-identified multicultural incoming students. These students were able to move in earlier, become familiar with the campus, and have sessions with the AIC staff and student mentors. Asti Martin (IE student liaison)
Said the new students feel very comfortable on campus, they have created bonds with new students and their mentors. In the fall of 2016, LGBTQ’s will be able to self-identify upon registration and hopefully a mentor program can be started for these students.
Community Relationships: Justin Mallett, Ph. D.
Justin is working on bringing the “Back to School Store” to UWGB which currently doesn’t have a large enough facility to host this program. The program serves 1330 elementary-aged children by providing clothes and backpacks filled with school supplies. They also provide 1500 middle school – aged children with backpacks and school supplies.
UWGB, NWTC and St. Norbert’s are collaborating to host a Kwanzaa Celebration on December 5th at UWGB.
A survey was sent out to students about bus routes that they would like to have departing from GB into the community. Improvements are being made to accommodate the students.
Justin recommends changes be made to the Women of Color in Education (WOC) award and Dr. PB Poorman award nomination process for faculty, staff and students. He suggests that Inclusive Excellence make the selections and create a sub-committee to process the nominations. Sheryl Van Gruensven will ask the Chancellor for approval.
Inclusivity in the Classroom: Kate Burns, Ph.D.
A survey was sent out to faculty about the Inclusive Excellence certificate series and what could be done to make it easier to attend. The majority weren’t aware of the program. Kate would like to create a student inclusivity in the classroom group.
Fall 2015 Inclusive Equity Certificate Program update: Stacie Christian
There are 3 programs scheduled this fall. Inclusivity & Equity Workshop parts 1 & 2 and Islam Religion and Culture.
Would like ideas on how to get the word out and explain what the program is about:
       There are more staff then faculty attending. Workshop- Part 1 will be presented on D2L in the hope that more Faculty will participate.
       What are the requirements to receive a certificate?
       What is the validity of the program?
       Create a brochure or banners.
       Would the Chancellor be willing to acknowledge people that received the certificate
        at Convocation?
New Business
Waiting to hear if Inclusive Excellence will have a budget this year. The New Employee social was paid for by H.R., Jumpstart was paid for by the American Intercultural Center. IE would like to have more programs videotaped and placed on D2L but would need funds to do so.
Next meeting date: November 20th, MAC Hall Vista 301 9am