Chancellor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Meeting

Monday, November 17, 2014

1965 Room, University Union

Members Present

Brenda Amenson-Hill (DOS), Stacie Christian (AIC & LGBTQ), Joanie Dovekas (Res Life), Jennifer Lanter (CATL), Minkyu Lee (Art & Design), Sue Mattison (Dean, Prof. Studies), Melissa Nash(HR), Sheryl Van Gruensven (HR), Lynn Niemi (Disability Services), Adam Parrillo (Urban & Reg. Studies), Kim Desotell (Director of Development),Justin Mallett (Diversity Director),Lorenzo Lones (Student Liaison), Camara Wallace (Student Liaison), Forrest Brooks (Outreach & Adult Access), Nicole Miller (HD), Loretta Rafter, Katie Burns (HD), Bryan Carr (Assistant Prof.)

Members Absent

Michael Casbourne (TRIO) Liz Peterson (Student Liaison), Brian Wardle (Athletics), Scott Furlong (Dean, Lib. Arts & Sciences), Grace Vecchie (Student liaison), Joanne Dolan (CATL), Kimberly Reilly (Assistant Prof.)

Inclusive Classroom: Chair - Kate Burns
Members: Lynn Niemi, Jennifer Lanter and committee nominations.
Last year’s survey will be analyzed and the committee will focus on outcome.
Inclusive Workplace:  Chair – Melissa Nash
Members: Committee nominations
Working on employee resource group.
Inclusive Excellence Certificate Program: Stacie Christian, Forrest Brookes, Melissa Nash, Lynn Neimi.   Looking for ideas for future Certificate programs. Disability series is on November 20th.
Student Mentorship Program: Chair – Brenda Amenson-Hill
Members: Forrest Brookes, Sheryl Van Gruensven, and committee nominations
Following up on last year’s student panel – need stronger mentor program for transfer students and multi-cultural students.
Focus group for students
Community Relationships: Chair – Justin Mallett
Members: Nicole Miller, Sue Matterson, Adam Parrillo and committee nominations.
Focus: recruitment and retention
Following up on Community Panel suggestions: community wants to be more involved and UWGB needs to be more visible in the community.
New business: Need guidelines for UWGB being out in the community.
Calendar volunteer spot.
Harmony Café closing; look for opportunity to meet at UWGB for performance, minority computer and disability groups.
Grants, money and donations.