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What is the Campus Climate Study?

Climate Study

The Campus Climate Study was a way to measure the climate of diversity and inclusiveness on the UW-Green Bay campus with regard to race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation, religious affiliation, veteran status, etc.

A welcoming, or inclusive, campus is important in order to recruit and retain talented faculty and students. Students will succeed in a learning environment that meets their unique and diverse needs.

The Study identified areas that UW-Green Bay can address to create a welcoming environment for faculty and staff members and students from diverse backgrounds.

With no more than 45 minutes of everybody's time, they had a powerful role in shaping our diversity climate for the future.

This was everybody's opportunity to describe personal experiences, observations and suggestions for change at UW-Green Bay.

Your voice in this in-depth, comprehensive survey helped us identify strategies for addressing potential challenges and diversity initiatives.

Some of the above narrative was provided by UW-Whitewater.


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"Diversity: the art of thinking independently together."

  • — Malcolm Stevenson Forbes
  • Publisher of Forbes Magazine