University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Information Services

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Providing access to information in support of teaching & learning by:

    • selecting, acquiring/licensing, and cataloging academic information in all formats
    • maintaining access hours in the library, media resources and general access labs
    • organizing and distributing information content electronically
  2. Managing information systems which support administrative functions by:

    • maintaining the Student Information System
    • maintaining the campus-wide information system on the web server
    • maintaining the library management system
    • maintaining other campus-wide administrative systems
    • planning for system upgrades and migrations
  3. Building & maintaining a communication infrastructure, which includes:

    • managing the campus network architecture
    • planning for network operating system upgrades and migrations
    • managing desktop operating system environment
    • providing technical support (hardware and software)
    • providing repair services for workstations, printers and media equipment
  4. Assisting students, faculty & staff in the effective use of technology by:

    • maintaining general access labs for students
    • supporting remote labs
    • providing assistance in using computer applications and resolving problems through the Help Desk Service