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Fall Student Interns

Say hello to our new interns for fall 2016! From left to right they are:

Andre Johnson
Senior, Spanish major/International Businesss & Global Studies minor
Studied in Leon, Spain

"Traveling isn't about the places you go but the people you meet." -Unknown

Nicole Hoelzel
(on the left with her roommate Abby)

Junior, Business Administration major
Studied in Kassel, Germany

Advice: I would definitely advise other travelers to keep an open mind, and to truly live in the moment!

Kaho Ito
(on the left with another international student)

Senior, Communication major
International student from Iwaki, Japan

Advice: Be curious and absorb every amazing experience you will have here at UWGB and the US!

Mariah McDaniel
Senior, Spanish major/Humanistic Studies minor
Studied in Bilbao, Spain

Advice: Studying abroad means getting lost and finding yourself.