Large Group Study Abroad Orientation

The Large Group Study Abroad Orientation is a mandatory meeting for all students that will be studying abroad on semester programs, Scotland International Summer School (ISS), or at Hessen International Summer/Winter University (ISU/IWU) only.

Orientations for travel courses (also mandatory) will be conducted by the course leader and cover similar material to that of the large group orientation. Dates and times will be sent after acceptance by the course leader or the Office of International Education.

The large group orientation is sceduled for Saturday, April 9, 2016. Updates will be provided after program acceptance. Parents or other relatives and guardians are welcome to attend (up to 2 per student).

Semester, Scotland ISS, and Hessen ISU/IWU students are also required to attend an individual program orientation to receive specific information about their study abroad location and necessary documents that need to be completed. This orientation is scheduled after program acceptance and students will be notified through their online application. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jemma Lund.


PeruThe better prepared you are for your study abroad experience, the more meaningful it will be. In the months preceding departure you will need to pay attention to numerous details. The Office of International Education and your faculty leaders will conduct orientation programs to help you start your adventure off right. Orientation meetings are mandatory and will, at a minimum, cover the following topics:

  • Travel Documents (passport, visa, etc.)
  • Travel Arrangements (flight arrangements, ground transport, etc.)
  • Housing Information
  • Health and Safety (what to do, what not to do, immunizations, insurance coverage)
  • Financial matters (payment schedules, financial aid, how to build a budget for travel, how to access money overseas, etc.)
  • Communication With Family and Friends
  • Host Culture (History, Customs, Laws, Politics, Etc.)
  • Culture Shock and Reentry
  • Academic Expectations
  • Student Conduct