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Institutional Review Board
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Submitting Protocol Modification Forms and/or Annual Progress Reports

The following information applies to projects approved as expedited or by the full board only (i.e., those projects that are not "exempt").  Exempt research does not require any further review after the initial submission and review.

Protocol Modification Forms

If you would like to make any changes to your protocol, you must submit a Protocol Modification Form  to the Institutional Review Board. If the modifications are minor (i.e., title change, agency change, addition of data collection sites, etc.) the IRB Chair or designee will review the protocol. If the modifications include more than minimal risk, the protocol will be included on the next IRB agenda for FULL BOARD review.  The Protocol Modification Form can be found on the IRB Homepage.

Annual Progress Reports

Projects can only be approved for one year and, if the researcher intends to continue the project past one year, it must receive an annual review from the IRB. 

The annual review process is as follows:

1.  The researcher will receive a reminder from the IRB one month before their annual review is required. 
2.  The researcher submits an Annual Progress Report, outlining any changes or modifications that have been made and/or any adverse events that have occurred.
3.  Unless there have been substantial modifications made to the original protocol, the Annual Progress Report need only be reviewed by the IRB Chairperson.

The Annual Progress Report can be found on the IRB Homepage.

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