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Institutional Review Board
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Submission Instructions

All necessary forms can be found on the IRB homepage. See the IRB Policy and Procedures Manual (available on the IRB homepage) for an explanation of each section.

All protocols, regardless of status, require:

1.  A Protocol Submission Form
2.  A description of how informed consent will be acquired (a consent form may or may not be required depending on the nature of the project)
3.  Any instruments used for your research project (e.g., surveys, interview scripts)
4.  Any participant recruitment procedures (e.g., posters, flyers, recruiting E-mails)

Protocols may require (when applicable):

1.  IRB Training Certificates for all investigators involved in the study (only required if we do not have one on file for the individual)
2.  A Cooperating Institution Letter

Protocols can be submitted either electronically or in paper form:

For electronic submission:

Email a PDF of the entire proposal to the IRB Chairperson, Dr. James Marker, at  The proposal must be sent as one complete document, must include all relevant forms, and must be signed by all investigators involved.

 An easy way to submit electronically is to scan all the necessary documents into a PDF file.   Most units have copier that will do this.  You simply set the copier to scan, select your e-mail address as the recipient (of the file), run the pages through the copier, and wait for the e-mail with the attached PDF file.   You can then rename and/or save the document on your computer and send it to the IRB chair via an attachment to an e-mail.

For paper submissions:

Mail the entire proposal to the IRB Chairperson, Dr. James Marker, at LSC 455.  The proposal must include all relevant forms and must be signed by all investigators involved. 

Final Notes:

Please anticipate one week for the review of Exempt or Expedited proposals.  If you do not hear back regarding your project's status within seven days, please feel free to inquire with the IRB Chair. 

For Full Board reviews, the chair will pass the submission on to the rest of the board once complete.  Submissions for Full Board review must be received one week before the meeting at which you would like the protocol reviewed.          

This page was last updated by James Marker October 11, 2011