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Institutional Review Board
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Determining if a Classroom Research Project Requires IRB Approval

If the projects and/or experiments that you are doing in the classroom or lab qualify as research (see “Determining if IRB Approval is Required for a Project”), then IRB approval is required. However, in-class presentations do not constitute a contribution to generalizable knowledge. Thus, unless the intention is to present to an audience outside the institution, IRB approval is not required.

All course assignments involving human participants that do not fall under the category of research must still be planned and carried out with due consideration of the University’s ethical and legal responsibility to protect individuals involved in these activities.

Keep in mind that unless the research requires full board review (see “Determining if a Project is Exempt, Expedited, or Requiring Full Board Review”), it can be evaluated relatively quickly, as is often needed for the classroom setting.

If you are still unsure about a specific classroom project, contact the IRB Chair for assistance.

This page was last updated by Ryan Martin, September 10, 2008