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Institutional Review Board

IRB Training Certificate

In the spirit of keeping current and/or aware of ethical matters as they pertain to research involving human subjects, the IRB recently passed a motion (2/16/12) requiring researchers to renew their Human Subject Training every five years.

In order to satisfy the requirement of having had Human Subject Training, you must have done so within the previous 5 years of any proposal you submit for IRB review.

If you have already completed Human Subjects training in the past, you can simply submit a copy of your training certificate. If we have a certificate on file for you, you do not need to submit another one.

If you need Human Subjects training, we are currently using the National Institute of Health Office of Extramural Research Training on Protecting Human Research Participants. Please note that this training will take between one and two hours to complete. When you are finished, you will receive a certificate. Submit this certificate with your proposal.

Link to Protecting Human Research Participants Training