Links for Planning for Professional and Graduate Programs
Introduction to Becoming a Scientist

Chemistry Graduate Programs
The American Chemical Society has a very helpful Directory of Graduate Research that is available on-line.

Graduate Programs
An excellent resource for information on graduate programs is Peterson's Guide to Graduate Programs. This multivolume set is published new each year. The current edition can be used in the Career Services Office (SS1916). An older edition is available in the lounge area outside the Human Biology Office (LS455).

Medical School
The following web sites will allow you to access information for prospective students at each of these medical schools.
Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee
UW-Madison School of Medicine

The UW-Madison Pharmacy school has a list of courses that UW-Green Bay students need to take that is accessable from their web site. They also have much additional information that you may find helpful.

Veterinary School
The UW-Madison Veterinary School has information applicants to their program.


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