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Introduction to Becoming a Scientist

Career Assessment
If you would like to do an interest inventory, go to the Career Services Office, SS1916 for assistance.
The self assessment tool that students in the course use is "WISCareers." This tool will match your interests, skills and values to careers. In addition it has an extensive occupational database that you should find very informative. To start the WISCareers assessment go to the Career Services web site. The choose "students," "choose a major/career," "career Assessments" and then find WISCareers on the list.

Career Services web site


Use of Excel for scientific XY plots
The only option available in current versions of Excel for constructing an XY plot where both the X-axis and the Y-axis are linear scales is the "Scatter Plot." (Do not use the X-Y plot because the X-axis is not a linear scale. It is simply a sequential list of your X values that are evenly spaced.) Greek letters, superscripts, and subscripts can be obtained by first entering the desired key stroke in whatever fond that you are using and then selecting only the characters to change followed by using the menu to either change to symbol font or make into a superscript or subscript. To download the in class exercise click here: Excel exercise instructions, Excel exercise answers in a spreadsheet.


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