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Organization of American Historians
Association for the Study of African American Life and History
Labor and Working Class History Association
Wisconsin Labor History Society
Wisconsin Historical Society

Research Links:
Cofrin Library History Resources
Chicago Manual of Style
Online version of Endnote

Student Guides:
Are you a good notetaker?
A Student's Guide to Taking (and Enduring) History Classes
Grading Rubric
Oral Communication Rubric
Group Presentation Guide
Individual Presentation Guide
Paper Checklist
Prospectus Guide for Papers and Presentations
Second Life User Guide
Why Study History?
Why Become a Historian?
Writing Tips

Internship Links
Neville Public Museum
Heritage Hill
National Railroad Museum

Primary Sources:
Library of Congress
National Archives
Wisconsin Historical Society Archives

Links for Labor History:

Links for Wisconsin History:
Dictionary of Wisconsin History
Images from the Wisconsin History Society
Local History and Biographies from the Wisconsin Historical Society
Wisconsin Historical Society: Turning Points
Wisconsin Magazine of History
Links for History of Wisconsin Class

Links for U.S. Immigration History:
Belgian-American Collection (available through Cofrin Library)
History Matters: Immigration and Ethnicity

North American American Immigrants (available through Cofrin Library)
Wisconsin's Immigrants (from the Wisconsin Historical Society)