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Mission Statement

Enhance the student educational experience with our excellent programming and facilities to create an inclusive environment of wellness, recreation, and athletics.

Vision Statement

Play Hard. Have Fun. Lead On.

Our Values

  • Student Development by providing students opportunities for growth through leadership and teamwork.
  • Service by meeting the satisfaction and diverse needs of our guests.
  • Healthy Lifestyle by nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Integrity by committing to respect, honesty, and responsibility.
  • Safety by providing a secure and welcoming environment for all.
  • Fun by cultivating enjoyment, humor, and play.

Meet the Staff

  • Jeffrey Krueger

    Director of Operations

    Office: KEC 126A

    Phone: (920) 465-2189


  • Brent Haack

    Event Coordinator

    Office: KEC 126D

    Phone: (920) 465-2064


  • Timothy Helein

    Facility Manager

    Office: KEC 126C

    Phone: (920) 465-2805


  • Casey Pivonka

    Recreation Program Coordinator

    Office: KEC 126B

    Phone: (920) 465-2884


  • Samantha Goeller

    Fitness Coordinator

    Office: KEC 135A

    Phone: (920) 465-2836


Department Info