Educ 280  Assignments
Assignments and Dates may change periodically
Date Learning Objectives Extra Work Due Dates
Jan 27 No Class    
Feb 3 - Syllabus
- Class Overview
- Create Groups of 3 members and get to know each other.  Email each other group members.

Mandated Reporter Training Online
Mandated Reporter Training PDF
Mandated Reporter Certificate

- Brainstorm Technology Topics

- Windows/Macintosh/Projector/Document Camera/ports/cables


Copy "First Tech Reflection" to your folder

ID Badge

ID Badge Assignment
Use this ID Badge Template



Feb 10

- Make sure "First Tech Reflection" is copied to your Edublock$ folder
- Snipping Tool  (Create, save, and export)
  -  Foods
  -  Hobbies
  -  Movies

Technology Integration in the Classroom

- Review some Ports/cables/features
- Begin Tech Reflection
- Go Over Homework


- Register to receive newsletters and/or  more from eSchoolNews

- Register to view technology related information at Edutopia

- Subscribe to online newsletter for Tech and Learning:
or another online "Technology in Education" newsletter

- Create New Bubbl on a topic of your choice in Education (like having your students brainstorm about a topic to get ready for an activity/lesson)

- Spend 1 hour putzing in Macintosh Mode

- Purchase ChalkandWire Code at bookstore.  See Cashier


Feb 17

Feb 17

Feb 17

Feb 24

Feb 24

Have for Class the week Feb 24

Feb 17

Online Activities (Topics to be announced)

Online Activity 1  

Feb 24

- Khan Academy Presentation
- Explore Khan Academy
- Random Student Report
- Google Docs/Drive Presentation
- Explore Google Docs/Drive
- ZZ Image Creations
- Random Student Report
- Tech Terms


Technology Terminology

Newsletter Assignment

News 1 News 2
News 3 News 4
News 5 News 6
News 7 News 8


Mid April

Mar 3

- Newsletter Work Time
- Review Newsletter progress
- Prezi - Group Presentation
- Prezi Work Time
- Work in Efolio
- SmartArt (components of Tech Literacy)
- A few Terms

- Begin Prezi Presentation
   - Topic about you as a teacher in the future for parents to "meet the teacher"
    - Path that contains 10 destinations
   - Image of you
   - Images that supplement your content from Internet
   - Other components of your choice

Mar 10

Online Activities (Topics to be announced)

Online Activity 2 Mar 24

Mar 17

Spring Recess - No Classes


Mar 24

- Look at Newsletters in Group

- Practice with Efolio
  - Uploading
  - Referencing
  - Submitting
  - Images
  - Newsletter Thumbnail
- Begin Macintosh Exploration
- Begin Brochure about you (Word for Mac)


- Begin Google Docs Presentation OR Prezi on "Cloud Computing" Share with group members and instructor.
Topics:  Bubbl, Kahn, Google Docs, Prezi, others
Include "Bells and Whistles"



Mar 31

- Macintosh Work Time
  - Saving
  - Screen Captures
- Pad Technology
- QR Code's
- Glogster
- Efolio Practice
- Practice Resing Images


Apr 7

- Export Brochure and view classmates Creations
- New Efolio for Linda Tabers 290 Section
- Practice Resizing Images
- Images in efolio
- QR Code Practice

Online Image Resizer 1
Online Image Resizer 2

Apr 14

- Practice Resize Images for Efolio
- Convert Hyperlink to Artifact in Efolio
- Presentation 1
- Discuss FR1 W/Comments and FR2
- Move Video (Bircher Students Only)
- Work with Document Portfolio
- Welcome Statement on Intasc Standards Portfolio along with ID Badge
- Review Wisconsin Standards (KSD)
- Rationale creation practice


- Glogster Assignment:  Overview of you and technology Literacy.  Include brief paragraphs and Thumbnail images, and links to Work samples

10 Wisconsin Standards

May 11th (10 PM)

Due Dates for Past Assignments:
- Brochure in Edublock$:  April 21
- Cloud Computing Exported as PDF in Edublock$:  April 28

Apr 21

- iMovie s and Practice
- MovieMaker Basics and Practice

Artifacts for InTasc Efolio
Sample Rationale

Sample 8 Point Lesson Plan - 1 Day

Sample 8 Point Lesson Plan - 3 Day


Apr 28

- New Audio/Video Work Folder
- Video Practice in iMovie and MovieMaker
- Custom Titles
- Photo booth
- Audio Editing
- Custom Titles

- Technology Literacy Efolio
  - Artifacts as PDF
  - Images inside "text area" so text wraps
  - Images that are larger, but show as thumbnails
  - Upload video
  - Upload audio
- Video Story



May 5

End of Semester Wrap-Up

Look of Technology Literacy Efolio when done

Make Screen Capture of Glogster Make Artifact from Hyperlink
Audacity VoiceOver Part 1 Wavosaur Part 1
Audacity VoiceOver Part 2 Wavosaur Part 2
Audacity VoiceOver Part 3  
Compress Video Windows  
Compress Video Macintosh