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(Image: "HOPE" poster design by artist Shepard Fairey)

For decades, art has been used as a carrier for sociopolitical movements that address the systemic inequities and oppressive hierarchies imposed by those who hold the power. Art activism and protest art create products that act as a form of political or social currency, rather  ...
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(Image: Neville Public Museum)

Neon has long since died out in our society. It was a huge aspect of our culture and social life, but why did it leave? Why has it become non-existent today? We can attribute the invention of the neon sign to none other than Georges Claude, a French engineer, chemist and inventor. Around 1902 he was the first person to create an electrical discharge into a tube that had  ...
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Nature is something I feel passionate about. It is often the inspiration for my art, and I truly believe that unless we take care of it, it will continue to diminish.  Recently I sat in on the Lawton Gallery’s exhibition of Oliver Ressler’s Catastrophe Bonds. Mr. Ressler’s interactive gallery experience uses powerful imagery along with an evocative, poetic narration to  ...
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