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Lawton Gallery

Fall 2014 Exhibition Schedule

Afghan War Rugs: The Modern Art of Central Asia

September 11 – October 2, 2014

Opening reception: Thursday, September 11, 4:30-6:30pm
Annemarie Sawkins, PhD., guest curator’s talk at 5:00pm

Curated by Enrico Mascelloni and Annemarie Sawkins, PhD., this exhibition showcases a selection of Afghan war rugs created between the 1970s and early 2000s. Made mostly by women these rugs reflect the larger history of Afghanistan and respond to both the Soviet and American led invasions of the country. Dispensing with the long tradition of nonfigurative styles these artists began creating pictorial rugs that incorporated references to the matériel of the occupying armies, subsequently reinvigorating this ancient art.

Figuring It Out: David Lenz, Gina Litherland, Nancy Mladenoff, Charles Munch and Fred Stonehouse

October 9 – 30, 2014

Opening reception: Thursday, October 9, 4:30-6:30pm
Artists’ talks: Charles Munch and Fred Stonehouse, starting at 5:00pm

An exhibition that looks at the use of the figure in the work of five Wisconsin painter’s and examines the place and role of the human figure in their wide-ranging artists practices.

42nd Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

November 13 – December, 4, 2014

Opening reception: Thursday, November 13 – December 4, 2014
(please note: closed for Thanksgiving, November 27-30th).

Guest juror: Katie Ries, Assistant Professor of Art, St. Norbert College, De Pere

Our annual juried art exhibition that is open to any student enrolled at UW-Green Bay