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Social Justice Course Descriptions

HUS 213 Ethnic Diversity and Human Values, Instructor: Vince Lowery (TR 11:00-12:20)
We will focus our attention on the experiences of African Americans, First Nations, and Hmong refugees and Hmong Americans, although at various points we will discuss other groups as well. In each case, we want to better understand cultural adaptation and survival, various forms of discrimination and stereotyping, the extent to which each group has achieved recognition and incorporation into the broader American community, and the remaining challenges each faces.

EDUC 295 Phuture Phoenix: Social Justice in Schools, Instructor: Kim Desotell (MW 2:15-3:35)
This course is a component of the award winning Phuture Phoenix program and serves as an introduction to service-learning mentoring. The course provides mentoring to 5th-12th grade students and is designed to encourage first generation and diverse students to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. The purpose of this course is to change expectations of young students through awareness and personal connections with college students who are trained as mentors to provide academic tutoring, appropriate relationships and inspiration. In turn, the college students learn communication, teaching and leadership skills.

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