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Learning Communities


The Sustainability Learning Community will focus on the interconnections between science, business and philosophy, as related to the concept of sustainability, which is extremely important in an era of increasing population and the potential threat of resource scarcity. This Learning Community also relates closely to the historical mission of UWGB, which includes both an interdisciplinary and environmental focus.

Students in the Learning Community will have the opportunity to participate in a tour of several renewable energy projects in Wisconsin, including the Aldo Leopold Center in Baraboo, a dairy farm with an anaerobic digestion system, and a wind farm.

Students will also have the opportunity to complete a number of hands-on projects/activities that will highlight the interrelationships between the three courses, which will include measuring energy usage and calculating the impacts of energy conservation activities, learning about current business practices on sustainability, and exploring the philosophical issues associated with modern environmental issues.

Students will also interact with faculty for additional one-on-one or small group discussions on these and other topics that may be of interest.

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