Language Learning Lab

Lab Director

Dr. Jennifer Lanter - For some time now I have been conducting research on how children
learn the meaning of words.  I began studying young children's language acquisition
in 1998 as an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois and continued this
line of research as a graduate student at Indiana University.  Now, as an
Associate Professor at UWGB, I have opened the doors of the first language lab
on campus to investigate questions surrounding young children's
language learning.

Whenever I think about children's language abilities, I am amazed!  At birth,
babies neither understand nor produce language, but yet within three years they
are nearly proficient in their native language!  How does this happen?  The goal
of my research is to understand how language knowledge in the child is
created through their experiences with that language and with the world. I sincerely
hope you and your child will be interested in participating in studies at the Language Learning Lab.  We would
be unable to make progress in the understanding of how children develop and learn without the help of
parents like you!

Research Assistants

Each semester, three to five undergraduates serve as research assistants in the lab. These students are selected based on their dedication to academics and desire to work with children in a lab setting.

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