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College of Arts, Humanities And Social Sciences

News & Highlights

 A group of students from Karen Dalke’s first year seminar class, Animals and Society, created art with a message. The students displayed their work, “The Fish’s Perspective,” near the Cofrin Library last week.  The art was in keeping with their shared interest in human-animal interactions and the perspective of the animal as “other.”  Karen Dalke is a member of the Democracy and Justice Studies program.

Professor Regan A.R. Gurung, Human Development and Psychology, and his 25  first year seminar students spent the day in their seminar course “Gods, Ghosts and Goblins” creating a large labyrinth in conjunction with their studies on the psychology of belief. The labyrinth, traditionally used for prayer, meditation and self-reflection, has only a single path, allowing intense focus for those who traverse it.



The first year seminar, Creativity, Innovation, and Vision, participated in a public art project inspired by the works of Candy Chang,  Students were asked to complete "This is where I want to be - This is how college will get me there."  The first year seminar is team taught by Profs. Ellen Rosewall, Jennifer Mokren, and Michelle McQuade Dewhirst.


Candy Chang project