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Cofrin Library

Facilities Usage Policy

Food and Beverages:

Food and beverages are allowed in most areas of the library. However, in accordance with campus policy they ARE NOT PERMITTED at computer workstations in the library. Spilled items can damage equipment. People violating this policy will be asked to stow open food and/or drink or take it elsewhere to finish. Food and beverages are also not permitted in the Archives & Area Research Center on the 7th floor.


The Library, like all university buildings, is smoke-free to comply with State of Wisconsin law. Smoking is permitted outside of the building.

Disruptive Behavior:

Library users are reminded to be thoughtful of others who are studying or doing research. Conversations away from public service areas and group study rooms should be non-disruptive. You may report disturbances to the Circulation Desk on third floor. Quiet study space is available on the 5th floor of the library.

Cell Phones:

Please silence your cell phones while in the library. Cell phones should be used in lobby areas only.

Children in the Library:

While the Cofrin Library welcomes all visitors, we are not able to provide services or supervision for children. As an institution of higher learning we do not use internet filtering software on our computers. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Facility policies help provide a pleasant study space for all, so library staff appreciate your cooperation.