Overview & Rules

Join UWGB and the Cofrin Library for March Book Madness!


From February 28th - March 6th at 11 PM, you have the opportunity to enter March Book Madness by completing a bracket of books and selecting which book you think will take the title.  Voting starts March 8th to determine which of the 64 books will be the ultimate champion. 


The entire University community is invited to vote on their favorite books to advance them through the 6 rounds. Those students entering a completed bracket by March 6th at 11:00pm will be entered to have their brackets scored and possibly win one of three prizes.  Points will be awarded for each correct selection students make in their brackets in each of the 6 rounds. 

Brackets will be available on the Cofrin Library website on February 28th.  See the linked Microsoft Word documents for details and rules. as well as important dates in the contest.