Administering learning objectives for ePortfolio

ePortfolio learning objectives provide learners with a personalized approach to learning outcome showcase and management. ePortfolio supports two configurations for facilitating learning objectives: a program-directed approach and an independent, self-directed approach.

In a program-directed approach, instructors and program administrators can push learning objectives (with associated items) into learner ePortfolios from the organization, department, program, or course offering level. Within this set up, learners can:

The self-directed approach enables users to select learning objectives from Learning Environment to import as items in their ePortfolio. This model empowers learners to define their own learning plans in addition to the actions listed above.




Setting up Competencies for ePortfolio

Depending on the org level at which you have the Manage Competencies role permission, you can set up competency structures at the organization, department, or course offering level and make those structures available for ePortfolio.

Ensure the following settings in the Competencies tool are configured to make competency structures available for use in ePortfolio.

Note  If Independent Learning Objectives is selected on the Settings page in the Competencies tool, orphan learning objectives are available by default to users enrolled in the org unit they exist within.

Make competency structures available for ePortfolio

  1. On the Settings page in the Competencies tool, in the Display to User section, ensure the following check boxes are selected:
    • Learning Objectives Required to make learning objectives available for ePortfolio
    • Competencies Required if you want to make competencies available for use as learning objectives in ePortfolio
    • Independent Learning Objectives Required if you want to make orphan learning objectives available for ePortfolio
  2. On the Competencies List page, click on the competency structure you want to make available for ePortfolio.
  3. Set the Status of the parent competency to "Approved". This makes its child learning objectives available for ePortfolio.

    Note  If your institution has a review process for competency approval, ensure that you follow that process before selecting "Approved".

  4. Select Make competency and its children visible to users if you want to make the competency itself available for use as a learning objective in ePortfolio.

    Note  If you or other users have the Manage Competencies permission, approved competencies appear as learning objectives in ePortfolio regardless of whether you select this setting or not.

  5. Click Save.

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