Creating survey sections

Create survey sections to organize your questions into folders. You can do this in the Question Library or while creating a survey. Both of these areas are identical in functionality: one creates folders within the Question Library, while the other creates folders within a survey.

You can also import sections from the Question Library directly into a quiz, survey, or self assessment. Importing a section transfers the section folder and any properties associated with the section (section name, messages, images, or feedback). You can still import all of the questions within a section separate from the section itself by creating the section within a quiz and clicking Add/Edit Questions.

Note  Although you can create subsections within sections, we recommend you keep question organization simple and intuitive.

Create a section in surveys

  1. On the Manage Surveys page, click on the survey you want to create a sections for.
  2. In the Layout/Questions tab, click Add/Edit Questions.
  3. Click Section from the New button.
  4. Enter a Section Name.
  5. Enter a Message. You can choose to display this message to users at the beginning of the section or repeat it before each question in the section (refer to Step 8).
  6. Enter Private Comments. These comments are for your personal use and view only.
  7. You can add an image to the section by clicking Add a File and selecting the image you want to use. You can choose to display this image at the beginning of the section or repeat it before each question in the section (refer to Step 8).
  8. Set your Display Options:
    • show section name  Displays the section name in surveys that contain this section.
    • insert a line break after section name  Inserts extra space below the section name.
    • display message and image  
      • Select display section message and image once to display these items once at the beginning of the section.
      • Select repeat section message and image before each question to repeat both the message and image before each question in the section.
  9. Click Expand section feedback, enter feedback and comments.
  10. Click Save.

Note  Managing survey sections (renaming, reordering, publishing, deleting) is similar to managing survey questions. See Managing survey questions for more information on editing survey sections.

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