Creating and adding events

Note  As a student, you can only create Calendar events for your group.

  1. Create a general (content) event
  2. "Quick create" an event
  3. Adding groups and/or sections to an event
  4. Adding external events to your Calendar
  5. Importing events from an external iCal file

Creating events in the Calendar

Create a general (content) event

  1. Using the calendar menu, select the course for which you want to create the event.
  2. Click Create Event in the calendar content area.
  3. Click content_book.png Add Content on the Create Event page to associate course content with the event.
  4. Enter Title, Description, and specify a date and time.
  5. Click Create.

You can also create events directly in the day, week, and month Calendar views by clicking a time or date.

Optional information:

Note  To add and remove content to an event after you have already created it, click the context menu for the event name in agenda view; or, click the event in the calendar content area and click Edit.

"Quick create" an event

  1. In the calendar menu, click on a course to set it as the current calendar.
  2. Click a time interval on a specific day to create an event within that course.
  3. Enter a Title and select Attendees if applicable.

Adding groups and/or sections to an event

If you have more than one group participating in the same course event during different time intervals, you can create multiple instances of the same event, tailored to each group’s needs. The group events share the name and description fields, but once you finish creating the group events in bulk, they display as individual events.

To read more about how you can create groups, see About Groups.

Add groups and/or sections to an event

  1. In the Attendees section, select the group you’d like to customize an instance of the event for.
  2. Select Add Groups/Sections.
  3. On the Add Groups page, select a group.
  4. Fill in the details for the event.

Note  This option will only be available if you have already created a group for your course.

Adding external events to your Calendar

You can add new events and update existing events by importing them from an external iCal file into your Calendar.

Importing events from an external iCal file

  1. Select the course you want your events to be grouped under by clicking on it from the calendar menu.
  2. Select Import Events.
  3. Click Browse on the Import Events page to search for the iCal file containing your events. If you want to import the events into a specific group or section, select it in the Attendees drop-down list.
  4. Click Open, then click Import.

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