Associating activities with learning objectives

You can use the Competencies tool to associate existing activities with learning objectives. See Types of Activities to learn more about the activity types you can associate with learning objectives.

Associate an existing activity with a learning objective through the Competencies tool

  1. On the Competencies List page, select the learning objective you want to associate with an activity.
  2. Click Structure from the context menu beside the Edit Learning Objective heading.
  3. On the Edit Structure tab, in the Children section, click Incorporate Activities.
  4. Click on the activity type you want to add and select an existing item. If you select a Manual Assessment Activity, enter a Name for the activity and select a rubric. If you select a Content Activity, proceed to Step 8.
  5. Select Assess Objective to associate a rubric or numeric assessment.
  6. Once you choose an Assessment Type, select its related Assessment Method or Criteria.
  7. If you want to set an assessment threshold that users must achieve to complete the learning objective, select The activity is required to complete learning objective and set a Threshold.
  8. Click Add.


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