Making changes to an approved competency

When a competency’s status is Approved, there are a number of changes you cannot make:

If you need to make these changes, you must first change the competency’s status to "Draft" or "In Review".

If you make any changes that require a re-evaluation of user progress, users are re-evaluated when you save the competency. If your organization uses manual re-evaluation, you must manually initiate this re-evaluation: go to the Competency Results page for the competency and click the Re-evaluate button.


Not all changes require users to be re-evaluated. Changing the description of a learning objective, for example, has no effect on user achievement and does not trigger a re-evaluation.

A competency's status appears as read-only if you do not have permissions to modify it.

Modify an approved competency

  1. On the Competencies List page, click the competency you want to modify.
  2. Set the competency Status to "Draft" or "In Review", and click Save. Users who are working on the competency can no longer see it.
  3. Re-select the competency on the Competencies List page and make your modifications.
  4. When you are finished with changes, return to the competency's Edit Competency page and change the Status back to "Approved".
  5. Click Save.

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