The Structure page in a competency

Competencies, learning objectives, and activities all have a Structure page where you can view the elements they are linked to, add new links, and remove existing ones. The Structure page is divided into two sections: Parents and Children.

The Parents section lists all of the parents of the current element (if any)—that is, it lists all of the elements the current one is attached to.

Note  It only shows immediate parents—the elements the current one is directly attached to—not its parents’ parents or anything higher up in the structure.

The Children section lists all of the children of the current element. Again, it does not show children’s children, only the elements directly attached to the current one.

Note  The Activity Structure page only lists parent elements.

Access the Structure page

  1. On the Competencies List page, click on the competency or learning objective you want.

    Note  You must first access a learning objective and click an activity in the list of children to access an Activity Structure page.

  2. Click Structure from the context menu beside the Edit Competency or Edit Learning Objective heading.

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