Evaluating activities in a competency

Activities are the only directly evaluated competency elements. Users complete learning objectives and competencies by achieving/passing all associated required activities. Activities can include quizzes, grade items, discussions, content, dropbox submissions, surveys, and manual assessment activities.

You can associate an activity with a learning objective and add an assessment method so the activity has an achievement threshold. An achievement threshold is the minimum result a person must achieve to meet the learning objective. Depending on the assessment tool you are using, achievement thresholds are measured by an associated rubric and/or by a numeric score.

Although you can associate an activity with a learning objective without adding an achievement threshold, we recommend that you provide clear and specific performance benchmarks that create transparency about expectations.


Depending on how you want to measure and track achievements, you can set up flexible competency hierarchies where you can associate multiple learning objectives with an activity, and/or add multiple assessment methods to each objective.

You can associate learning objectives with Content activities, but you cannot add an assessment method to these associations.

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