Evaluating a dropbox activity

  1. Click Dropbox on the navbar.
  2. On the Dropbox Folders page, click on the dropbox folder you want to evaluate.
  3. Click Leave Feedback for the user you want to evaluate. If you have already left feedback, click Feedback Left to review or revise previous feedback.
  4. In the Evaluation section on the Evaluation panel, select the rubric associated with the learning objective you want to evaluate.
  5. Fill in the rubric assessment and click Save & Record to push your rubric assessment score and feedback into the submission's overall score and feedback area. Otherwise, click Save if you want to keep the rubric score separate from the overall score and prevent the transfer of rubric feedback into general feedback.

    Note  You can attach multiple rubrics to a dropbox folder, but you can only push one rubric's assessment score to the submission's overall score.

  6. Click Save.


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